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Torrent Inke Upscale
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Description Thumbs in file!

Upscaled using Topaz v12 instead of W2x

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AddDate 09/04/2021
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Zoophie_Knotted 13/04/2021 03.47.05
Thanks man! wink.gif
dutchwicked 12/04/2021 10.50.07

for the upload and sharing with us !
Lovedoggygirlz27 11/04/2021 12.25.15
woulda loved to seen her b4 her cunt was destroyed....boy has like 9-10inc plus knot jus pops out like nothing lol
shepvandelay 11/04/2021 04.35.57
theres a copy of neat for premiere..

twas hard to find. premeire is all over the place tho. prolly start the search at...

i pay for about as much software as i do doggy porn
Moxxy 10/04/2021 07.07.45
Premiere and Neat would be a pretty expensive proposition if one were to buy them. shifty.gif

I think the upscaled came out well, all things given. But if the aspect-ratio is bad, then nothing will make the video look good.

And the camerawork may be awful, but it's redeemed by the editing.tongue.gif
shepvandelay 10/04/2021 03.23.35
personal recommendation - go get yourself a dog and then spend the time you do... doing this... to find yourself some girls and go do some of that instead.

trust me youll thank me if you do. and its a better spend of time then trying to reinvent dead dog porn from 15 or 20 years ago.

you might even be fortunate enough to get to record yourself something in native 4k. no upscale needed. imagine how cool thatll run your gpu.cool1.gif
shepvandelay 10/04/2021 03.15.03
ive tried topaz and i think youll get more bang for your buck using premiere with lumetri color, unsharpen mask, unsharpen mask, unsharpen mask and then NEAT VIDEO de-noiser. do the setup for neat after the three masks, and then move it to the front of the order. export it in 2x upscale.

if youre going to waste your time doing these retarded re-encodes, might as well use something that works at least fractionally better.,

no idea why youd even waste your time doing inke tho. out of all videos. does topaz go back into the past and make the camera man more worth a shit?

or do you just prefer fantasizing about how much you wish you could have actually seen this in real life, while the camera man does THE WORST JOB IN THE WORLD at an enhanced resolution.,

people talk shit about team russia for bad camera work, but who ever recorded these takes the cake.

Diddell should have been a dog fucking legend of media. not just some relic of what was and could have beem.

i hope this pack has the one night vision movie where she fists herself and then takes that dogs ten inch cock for the next minute or so screaming. thats the only 2 mins of kistren/inke ever worf a shit!
butterdog 09/04/2021 23.51.47
if i knew you well enough i would kiss you!...untill then i offer a fist bump! thank you so much wink.gif
pepemachete 09/04/2021 17.44.38