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Name Lailas First Time and Lailas Second Time
Torrent Lailas First Time and Lailas Second Time
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Description Topaz AI 4x upscale
Cal - Lailas First Time_FixedAudio_1_4.00x_2880x1920_amq-12.mp4

First video kind of bad. Had one with bad sound and one with good sound so ripped the sound and combined. Might be off just a little.

Second video much better quality so better result.


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AddDate 04/05/2021
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longhorn00 05/05/2021 21.51.23
Thanks so so much. She's my fav
crimson 05/05/2021 15.23.59
eurvadz 05/05/2021 07.43.20
thanks a lot / beautiful woman
sickfuckerhere 05/05/2021 04.16.26
She's of my all time favorites, too bad she didn't do any more. Thanks for this. You are my hero for the day!
Beowulfx7 05/05/2021 03.59.43
GeraldoSuave 05/05/2021 02.11.11
I have two copies of the First Time video. One with the title has horrible audio (screeching sounds) the other without the title screen is ok but off a little. The second time video has good sound.
hmmurdock 05/05/2021 00.32.00
Correction:  That all applied to Laila's 2nd Time.  I think the audio for the first video was generally okay on the original.
hmmurdock 05/05/2021 00.30.40
Laila's First Time with the "good" audio was likely one I uploaded years ago.  To my knowledge all of the ones where she was audible were copies of the one I uploaded to usenet.  In teh original, one channel was really loud noise, and the other channel had audio but there was something wonky with the sampling rate so it was playing at 150% compared to the video.  I deleted the noise channel and did my best to get the audio stretched to match the framerate, but it never quite synced up because the software I was using back then couldn't quite manage so I had to dicker around with the framerate too.  If anyone else is ever interested in taking another crack at it, that's how to get it done.  Probably way better software out there now.

That said, thanks for the upscale.  This has always been one of my favorites.