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Nazwa Glory Quest - MAD series
Torrent Glory Quest - MAD series
Info Hash db5f8f30e81867792067145d25669a9fcedb327f
Opis Found that this classic wasn't in the tracker yet, so I uploaded it.

Kategoria Woman and Dog
Rozmiar 46.19 GB
Pokaż/Ukryj pliki
92 files
Dodano 24/03/2020
Przesyłający monkeym
Prędkość 1736.64 KB/sec
Pobrano 1157 razy
peer(ów) seed(ów): 20, leecherów: 7 = 27 peer(ów)

eater 03/05/2020 06.24.39
highernavi 17/04/2020 20.08.49
@surge013 her name is 樹里 pronounced Juri (sorry no lastname) noexpression.gif
djearwig 15/04/2020 16.24.01
Thank YOU!!!
jago666 14/04/2020 14.24.32
Thank you for this, does anyone know if includes english subtitles? Or where to find subtitle files?
james1444 31/03/2020 07.27.34
Thank you for sharing smile1.gif)))
surge013 29/03/2020 05.44.37
anyone know who the girl in mad-55 is?  been trying to find out for 10 years it seems.
realdjgo 28/03/2020 17.28.01
I try to Upload 4 you the Mad-71 (it agood one) but I can't.. Box show: There seems to be an error in your torrent. Box show:  The parser did not accept itsad.gif
ronjremy 28/03/2020 03.17.20
Thank you for these.  I have most of them, but did not have a bunch in the 30s to 50s.

anonnom 26/03/2020 15.30.36
nevermind. there are no screen shots, just covers.
anonnom 26/03/2020 15.26.54
in the future can you please make a 'screens' folder. with 4MB pieces (way too large IMO) and the images next to video files just downloading the screens is 160MB. sleep.gif

thanks for uploading though!
chrisdefrag 26/03/2020 12.16.43
Good pack thank you grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif
baded 26/03/2020 10.26.36
Could you put all the movies in one torrent TeamRussia?
prino456 26/03/2020 00.41.20
Wish somebody from Japan would upload some of the other videos. MAD series is pretty popular. Here's some of the stuff thats not.
Leo1949 26/03/2020 00.35.17
Nice! Be better if they we're not censored.. good stuff though
Madd_Griff 25/03/2020 23.36.15
I got 46.1gigs
Thanks for sharing
smilic 25/03/2020 21.42.02
Wow.. 182 Gb uploaded with just 1 MAD downloaded (nr. 83).. Imagine if it was the full pack smile1.gif
hahahoho333 25/03/2020 20.56.31
Is there an active dog in this video series? I don't think it was in my memory. Do you know about it?
jjbarea 25/03/2020 18.35.40
do these dudes still make new videos anyone knows? they seemed to have best asian production out there, i especially loved how the dude always tells the girls to try and deepthroat the cock lmao laugh.gif
IenS 25/03/2020 18.26.19
Thank you.
beastwars 25/03/2020 17.08.33
this is old .. has been in torrents for 20 years... waste of time
Skilos1961 25/03/2020 16.31.40
Thank you so much! Stay healthy!
maxlomp22 25/03/2020 16.05.17
I like bondage in this movies...  wink.gif
sam155 25/03/2020 15.39.58
do they knot in any of these films?
jjbarea 25/03/2020 14.44.41
just so people know in case you dont like it, all of these are censored aka pixelated stuff.
lister2002 25/03/2020 12.12.12
Censored all files???
co12 25/03/2020 09.25.53
There are absent MAD71 BF39, MAD75 BF41, MAD78 BF43 in this pack.
SweetLZ 25/03/2020 02.12.30
@aleatorio He most likely didn't knew about the possibility of partial downloads. Just open the torrent, wait and check or uncheck stuff.

You can also chose to append .!ut to incomplete files. This is helpful in my opinion. Just manually remove the extension if you don't get to finish the torrent.

And you can set certain files to be ignored mid download. This is helpful if the torrent is stuck on non-essential parts or whatever.

'Files' tab on uTorrent > Right-click > Don't download, but remember that you won't be able to revert it.
Captainday 25/03/2020 01.40.41
You forgot [Glory Quest][MAD-71]수황(獸皇)39, there is only screencap
aleatorio 24/03/2020 23.29.56
@anboy18 So you can just download the SS, look at them and then decide what movie/video you want to download instead of downloading everything (almost 50gb)?
aleatorio 24/03/2020 22.36.44
Is there any JAV movie where the dog willingly mounted the girl or are all of them forced? If so please give me the magical number
ivoivev03 24/03/2020 21.39.10
rolextiger 24/03/2020 21.10.20
These are pretty good movies. Especially Mad 34 with Yoko kaede