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Name Dutch dog, Calvista, Amy gets dogged many times
Torrent Dutch dog, Calvista, Amy gets dogged many times
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Description Hello!

This is my first upload and i would like to share the videos with the best doggy porn actor ever - dutch dog with name Rex (Felix and others). Of course he is not acting but just enjoying his women-bitches as he want and like: fucking properly with a lots of cum, filling the pussies with his alfa-male sperm that is dripping from their pussies, knotting as he want, pulling out the knot if he want, forcing his women to substitute their pussies when he wants to breed. And women like this wild male beast and do that once they see his red and ready for next knot dick. And i believe he makes them happy as nobody. He is lucky dog and i sometimes envy on him. "Amy" is the first beastiality video i've seen and it's still my favorite.
  I've been carefully searching and collecting for years all the videos with Rex i found. But i was expecting more of them and really do not understand why there are so little. I would like to see 10 times more videos about mating with Amy! smile1.gif

Also if you have another videos with Rex or maybe these girls even in standard xxx videos please share. I will be very appreciated. I will also submit an upload request.
So wish you to download the torrent and unzip your pants and have a fun smile1.gif
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AddDate 01/12/2019
Uploader iovsove
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curiou5 06/12/2019 07.19.54
Old materials but very good thanx!!!smile1.gif
Bromor 04/12/2019 12.31.06
working fine
allen_ferng 04/12/2019 10.00.27
Nice!I never saw these videos!
mrjojojojojo732 03/12/2019 16.00.30
Thanks you very muchblush.gif
iovsove 02/12/2019 22.18.08
Thanks, hope this will be a brilliant in your collection also ))
NorfagExtra 02/12/2019 16.56.29
Is tracker down? sleep.gif
NorfagExtra 02/12/2019 16.56.23
Is tracker down? sleep.gif
mooduck 02/12/2019 09.37.05
Excelent collections! cool1.gif
CyberScream 02/12/2019 08.12.14

stickyf78 01/12/2019 21.59.58
old videos can find them anywhere. Dont stress about them
iovsove 01/12/2019 21.40.40
I've downloaded the torrent 7 times and seems it starts working because i see that upload speed is not zero now. Please confirm. Maybe i had to wait some time ( torrent content check or something else?)
stickyf78 01/12/2019 21.32.06
problem downloading
iovsove 01/12/2019 21.13.46
Maybe i have an issue with connecting my torrent client to the tracker. Will try to fix this now
iovsove 01/12/2019 21.07.47
Yes, i've downloaded it and ran in the same directory where the original folders is. Is there an instruction on this tracker?
niceguy84 01/12/2019 21.05.40
nothing happening for me...
did you download it yourself? you have to do this, that it works
iovsove 01/12/2019 20.54.43
Please let me know if the torrent is working fine or not.