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Torrent Manual Dog Lovers
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AddDate 20/05/2020
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kraft 13/08/2020 05.33.25
Thanks! smile1.gif
Polg 27/05/2020 08.05.29
@Oyhtafr: Use "Ant video downloader" addon, it works great for almost every website. wink.gif
ironpump 24/05/2020 10.27.33
I need all videos used to made the manual! Especially the skinny white girl! Is she asian?
Oyhtafr 24/05/2020 03.21.47
lurka, make a torrent please, I cant download from animalporn.
lurka 23/05/2020 17.06.18

i've done my best to translate this video. keep in mind that i'm not an english speaking person so there may be some minor translation errors but in the end i guess i've done a good job. the quality of the video is pretty bad but that's not my fault. it's because the original version of this is about the same quality. i tried to pick the version with the best quality. for some reason though the translated text i added came out a bit blurry and i don't know why but as long as you can read it it's good. FYI it took me about 1 day to make it. I started with translating sentence by sentence with the help of google translate and changed the grammar here and there because a few things made no sense in english so i had to change that. i also had to cut out about 2 minutes because the transitions of the original would blend over the spanish text and would break the immersion. if you compare it directly you can see that all transitions were recreated by myself. i hope you enjoy my translation.

you're welcome...
lurka 22/05/2020 01.20.48
i translated it but i won't upload it via torrent.
Forscan 21/05/2020 16.51.03
Just use google translate and be proactive!
liomas 21/05/2020 13.04.24
Thanks grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif
lurka 21/05/2020 07.20.12
here is the direct link guys:
yldcat 21/05/2020 06.24.25
i would lov eto have the english version
pinklord 20/05/2020 20.08.54
need an english verconfused.gif