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Name TeamRussia Masha With Horse
Torrent TeamRussia Masha With Horse
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Description Low resolution 360p, but now with full length 42:35

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AddDate 10/10/2020
Uploader SephKim
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lorent1980 16/10/2020 17.22.59
thank you for taking the effort to upload this!!
RoadWarrior 16/10/2020 10.44.41
I wouldn't complain much, if it was a free movie. But legend says this shit was sold for a fortune per person, and that's hilarious.laugh.giflaugh.gif
drhard 16/10/2020 09.40.39
Damn they got the shit for free and they still complaining, bunch of whiners
mikeair 13/10/2020 21.07.35
why not to upload it in 1080 p or better version ?

ArdiPINK 13/10/2020 15.33.50
MrKnots, Russia is a very poor country, it’s very easy to get involved in this format even for $ 500. I rented a prostitute 2 years ago, she was 20 years old and he sucked my dog, also a beautiful and seemingly good girl, for just an additional 50 dollars.
human 13/10/2020 01.32.43
1500 € ?

Some women would do everything for 1500 € for hours with a stallion ...

The guy is a complete retard and has no experience in filming any kind of movie, much less these scenes. The stallion should be thoroughly washed and cleaned. There is no good lighting at all. The guy blabbers like an idiot and even worse, intrudes in scene, even jacking off a horse himself. Noone wants to see this.

These videos actually had one of greatest potential regarding the horses... but they turned out one of the worst, if not the worst videos.  
mikeair 13/10/2020 01.24.33
thank you but could be upload it in 1080 p ?

heim 12/10/2020 22.38.01
Amazing share!!! There are no words to thank you enough for this smile1.gif
MrKnotts 12/10/2020 19.43.15
I must concede after watching this video. TRZ clips are quite possibly the worst. Utter failures. Somehow, they are able to acquire these beautiful sexy women to engage in zoo acts in front of a camera, and yet, fail to produce something of worthy quality. What a waste of talent, beauty, time, and $... Man needs to stop talking constantly, learn to film from multiple angles in a consistent streamlined way, and take an editing class or two. These girls deserve better.
cryptoftime 12/10/2020 07.50.50
1500€ To watch her run around the horselaugh.gif whoever paid for this got scammed laugh.gif
alohajet 12/10/2020 02.47.46
Thanks for this..!
kranlor12 12/10/2020 02.10.22
Thanks for sharing, but got a massive disappointment once started watching. I've always thought the guy was a dick, he doesn't stop talking, video shooting and editing is even worse. Masha is a beauty, looking her alone near a horse is sexy enough but I wouldn't pay that much for this kind of videos :'(
RoadWarrior 11/10/2020 20.01.59
I appreciate the upload, but this whole TR-horse genre is a complete unerotic mess. Even the handler dude makes more erotica in the movie than the awkward tryhards of the actress lol. One thing could have actually save the movie for me: they should have include some goddamn subtitles for the non-stop russian gibberish. Even the "old shit" brazilian and hungarian movies were hotter than that. 1500€ my ass. I cannot sorry the idiots who bought this crap. Change my mind.
ABroom 11/10/2020 16.57.32
You have made my day, sir! Thank you a lot!
ArdiPINK 11/10/2020 16.20.10
Tiger-B 11/10/2020 08.13.00
He wanted over 1500€ for this movie?
Don't get me wrong, she is sexy. And a massive thank you to the hero who made it public, but i would feel scammed for this content.
madmaxorkut 11/10/2020 06.25.03
Thank you
Yambaby 11/10/2020 05.52.30
Thanks for sharing. grin.gif
drhard 11/10/2020 02.04.45
Many are disappointed  but let's be realist, would you take the challenge o fit a horse cock in your ass or pussy ? I doubt it
gm1333 11/10/2020 01.00.40
Ебанутые комментарии нахуй ненужны от тебя.
igorrussian 10/10/2020 23.22.12
what a beauty
midhuj31 10/10/2020 21.44.40
Thanks for sharing
midhuj31 10/10/2020 21.43.21
Team russia videos are waste of timetongue.gif
MassiveSmash 10/10/2020 21.12.51
heynice 10/10/2020 20.50.18
Eh, nothing really happens... waste of time
Alexanderson 10/10/2020 20.24.09
That is cool !smile1.gifcool1.gif
MrKnotts 10/10/2020 19.53.32
Actually one of the sexier zoo models, so thx for the ul OP! Full quality file would be nice for all the "new" besty vids...
vudriga 10/10/2020 19.52.27
I mean thanks for the upload. But these women haven't got the courage for it. I wouldn't pay for these running around the stallion games. Even Brazilian movies are better.
elemental1 10/10/2020 19.39.38
Thank Yousmile1.gif they are good peoplewink.gif
rolynblakout 10/10/2020 19.24.50
Thanks so much for the full version
2502 10/10/2020 18.38.47
Great post.  Thank you.
Abba007 10/10/2020 18.36.29
Stunning young woman, pity I wasn't there to help her fit his cock in, thank you Thank YOU
Mortalz666 10/10/2020 17.46.37
Jalel31JM 10/10/2020 17.34.25
?anyone have full hd version