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Beschreibung A large collection of most if not all of the animal erotica movies that were produced featuring the (in)famous Danish porn actress Bodil Joensen.  Also included are a brief biography of Bodil and a documentary, "The Dark Side of Porn: The Search for Animal Farm", named after a famous compilation of clips from a number of her movies that was smuggled into the UK in 1981 that became known by that title.

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fooktube 08/11/2020 15.45.15

jim_bones_1980 04/11/2020 09.54.29
Thanks for this collection. I'm particularly interested in her interviews and documentary appearances. The collection includes some interview excerpts but I am not sure where they are from. It also includes the Italian dub of the Danish documentary, "Why Do They Do It?" (1971) which was thankfully able to find subtitles for at

She appeared in a few other documentaries though. Does any have the full versions (with English subtitles) for the following:

Sex Galore (1971)
O' My Pussy (1970)

Full list of her appearances here:
Agricola 28/10/2020 17.46.20
Merci beaucoup. smile1.gif
esilverfoxxx 27/10/2020 01.16.03
Thanks for sharing
anally69 26/10/2020 11.16.50
Thank you !
headbanger 26/10/2020 07.11.34
Put some screens in the description you