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Name Sonya pack
Torrent Sonya pack
Info Hash 6aaa495f58d316c750611e28d966f20c9a6d5c7d
Description Sonya video pack in best quality I could find. Enjoy!
Category Woman and Dog
Size 10.54 GB
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AddDate 20/01/2021
Uploader CYNIC
Speed 78.24 KB/sec
Down 83 times
peers seeds: 0, leechers: 97 = 97 peers

moetras112 25/04/2021 11.39.15
Thank you very much
Jungle_boy 06/04/2021 06.34.49
vasa1111 21/03/2021 18.28.19
Hello, downloading not even starting.. help someone :3
hhqqy753f0 20/03/2021 03.34.08
ye, same question, who can give the speed for downloading?
henryadams12345 12/02/2021 17.31.24
I don't really understand. Everyone is saying they downloaded it ok just weeks ago but it's just perma-stalled for me.
bazon 03/02/2021 14.58.14
please upload sonya private videos , like "sonya firest" and others new , some days before sonya was on this profile "" for private sale  but now she removed this profile. this is sonya twitter profile ""
bazon 31/01/2021 10.54.58
torrent not working i can only see this " finding peers" please help me how to run this torrent
baikur 27/01/2021 08.28.50
Thank you!
Geronimo99 26/01/2021 20.45.55
EXCELLENT REPACK - a base stone of your collection smile1.gif
5/5 stars.
Includes one video without the mask - Sonya with glasses only (see "Looking After the Boys" ).
Uncomplete file "Tease" is LQ version of the same HQ file "Midnight Training" - so you do not need this  smaller version, which is frozen at 98% of the file.
(yes, if you want, MPC-HC can play some UNcomplete clips, just to verify content)
BW31 24/01/2021 21.54.19
Torrent works fine except for the sonya teaset (which is acceptable)

Thanks a lot for your post!
bladeyakuza 22/01/2021 13.14.20
CYNIC 22/01/2021 02.00.52
So for evryone. As stated before when downloading just uncheck Sonya.torrent and Sonya tease.mp4 and all be ok.
CYNIC 22/01/2021 01.58.30
Oh now I see. Thank you for clarification. I shouldn't put .torrent file into uploaded folder. Next share I will create right way. Let this one stay like it is. Or if people want I could delete this Sonya torrent and create fixed one. But I don't see reason all in all all videos downloading and working.
capt_proton 22/01/2021 01.41.15
The file "Sonya.torrent" should not have been included when creating the torrent.

You may have to (re)place that little file into the correct directory, and it could require either the originally-generated one or the one redownloaded from this website.  Whichever causes everyone to reach 100.0%
CYNIC 22/01/2021 01.28.19
I have nyself stuck at 99% aswell.  Have no idea why. But all movies are working well. So stop complaining or tell me how to fix this. Uploading on this tracker for me a bit messy.
yazid 22/01/2021 01.00.58
could someone create a mega folder?? pleaz sleep.gif
igorrussian 21/01/2021 23.14.27
stuck od 99,9...
jowerty777 21/01/2021 20.28.16
MDK1891 21/01/2021 14.35.44
I also got stuck on 99.9
Spritz 21/01/2021 13.19.52
Skip Sonya tease. It’s the same (but lower resolution) video as Sonya - Midnight Training.
bea193 21/01/2021 12.27.19
Skip these two files and they will be downloaded completely.
It worked for me.I'm sending now
bea193 21/01/2021 12.21.50
the same thing happened to me
tdragon00 21/01/2021 10.59.37
I got stuck at 99.9% wtf???
Realaccount9 21/01/2021 08.51.23
I have been stuck at 99.9% for an hour now - is this a fake torrent or virus?
Koshakevi4 21/01/2021 07.22.40
А есть где она со своей подружкой?
dragond 21/01/2021 06.50.03
you are the best thanks brother
zgcarrier 21/01/2021 06.07.29
Thank you smile1.gifThank you smile1.gifThank you
Azorth 21/01/2021 05.53.12
Thank you CYNIC. You bring the Forum back to life.

weaponofchoice18 21/01/2021 04.25.03
Thank you
kenth 21/01/2021 02.14.34
Thank you for your selfless dedication!love.gif
focus9630 21/01/2021 01.15.11
yhanks man.  a few i did not have.grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif
GiselleLover 20/01/2021 23.29.36
Ok, have it. Thanks Spritz.
Spritz 20/01/2021 22.54.37
Sonya - Poison is watermarked with "up by ???????"
SP4MM3R 20/01/2021 22.15.18
Thanks man! Its great to see the sharing is alive again
p0li_tracker 20/01/2021 22.02.10
thanks you smile1.gif
GiselleLover 20/01/2021 21.12.55
Is Sonya - Poison watermarked with "up by ???????" Thanks
gazaan 20/01/2021 20.53.30
esilverfoxxx 20/01/2021 20.26.26
Thanks a lot for this pack ♥