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Name Party Smashers (1080p, Lower Quality)
Torrent Party Smashers (1080p, Lower Quality)
Info Hash 161c7ff025a21d07900f1fdafff7c1df2ddc2e3d
Beschreibung I wasn't able to watch this video on my shitty computer so I made it smaller, I'm probably not the only one so here is a 1080p version. IMO looks good enough.

I took the screen uploaded by the user SweetLZ, it's on the torrent.
Kategorie Woman and Dog
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Datum hinzufügen 21/09/2020
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Mac655 07/11/2020 16.20.13
Hi, thanks for the torrent. Who knows if there will be next parts .. ladies look European. Anyone know more?
zinjo 19/10/2020 04.40.51
Low quality might be referring to the bitrate.  On 1080p videos the lower the bit rate the lower the quality.  Full BD's are in the range of 18k - 25k
pretorious78 10/10/2020 23.44.37
alguien sabe como funciona esta pagina, podria alguien explicarme
Luckyman 04/10/2020 02.37.24
Torrents don't start even though it shows plenty of seeders
mikeair 27/09/2020 07.24.05
to the uploader 1080p is not 'low quality.480 or 720 yes !
chronoo 26/09/2020 04.07.19
i can't download on utorrent keeps looking for pairs! some solutioncool2.gif
saracox 23/09/2020 04.12.03
great version thanks tongue.gif
cike286 22/09/2020 12.07.30
smile2.gifsmile2.gifsmile2.gifsmile2.gif  thanks good   man
Hund777 22/09/2020 07.01.15
Video was lagged on my VLC player .angry.gif
Dirtyskip 22/09/2020 04.26.25
Thank's great effort and a good movie grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif
gallillo 21/09/2020 22.15.09
Thank you grin.gif
dppkk44 21/09/2020 20.47.42
Three girls but only one of them Fucks the dog. And that too the girl we already expected since we have already seen kittykreme videos
CYNIC 21/09/2020 14.43.59
Thank you for downscaled version. It was too big for me too.
ketaomay 21/09/2020 14.30.20
too bad they did not suck that real dog cock - - But looking forward to new videos from those bitches. btw the big video was lagged on my VLC player too, RTX 2060
midhuj31 21/09/2020 12.13.34

Fake cum, Video is not continuous, they always change the glass behind the camera
midhuj31 21/09/2020 10.16.53
midhuj31 21/09/2020 10.10.01
Yes, thank you very much, you saved my data, time(1 day) and efforts. Video was lagging in my player