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Thumbs in torrent.
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e75233 13/03/2021 12.55.06
FreeInk 25/01/2021 08.31.58
Whatever happened to Masha Katieva? It's like she dropped of the face of the earth or something.
wizard420 19/12/2020 17.56.51
ALOT OF LOVE FROM ME <3angel.gif
bestreducer 15/12/2020 05.49.56
its quite sad that author is so clumsy. He has good farm, awesome girls, one they fear is to get pregnant, good instances by brazilian girls and... Alice with horse... but he just failed(
Krazz69 13/12/2020 20.43.56
Team russia... they try and they fail everytime. sleep.gif sleep.gif
rdytatt 12/12/2020 23.49.12
Boring. Masha movies: starring..the guy; co-starring.. the beautiful horse; stunt and supporting...Masha. I prefer brazilian girls; they have a relationship with the horse at least
trol77 12/12/2020 06.13.49
max58, а где можно почитать про эту историю? Город хотябы обознать

Very interesting, tell me more detail
selta 11/12/2020 19.48.51
Many thanks to Masha, and all the daring people who made that possible and of course the beautiful stallion! Love that man.
And to the supporters, buyers and  uploaders!
Who has his thumbs down: please acknowledge that it takes many attempts to make a stallion trust such situation, this is not point and shoot business here. This stallion is almost free to move and to keep him undisturbed, the cameraman has to keep distance (I am with you having 3 cams and the action at center, but well, lets be thankful). I have rarely seen such a considerate stallion who seems to know what he is doing, while being beautifully horny taking care not to hurt his unusual mare, and: I fell in love with him at first sight, just for that.
ABroom 11/12/2020 06.58.10
Thank you for these. I like em... smile1.gif
cike286 11/12/2020 06.57.33
smile2.gifsmile2.gifsmile2.gifsmile2.gif thanks  guy
heim 10/12/2020 16.24.28
So Xmas comes early this year I see^^ Many many thanx for this smile1.gif
tukitik 10/12/2020 01.31.33
zozzino 09/12/2020 22.27.19
As far as I could make out, the tanlined chick's name is Natasha, the other brunette's called Maria (Marias can be called Masha) and I didn't get the blonde's name (who might be Masha).
ovid68 09/12/2020 16.02.42
and to add... why does he pay so little attention to the girl? Like... showing how her pussy looks before and after stallion penetration? Before and after ejac? Let her play with the cum? Let her talk about the feeling of 500ccm of cock warming up her vagina?
ovid68 09/12/2020 15.56.49
Vid #2 (with 2 horses) is quite good. I see these vids more of a raw material. It's like you are there. There are quite some penetrations and it's way better than ALL the brazilian horse vids. You can feel the stallion energy and that poor mare get the whole thrust of 1HP with quite some displacement... you see how she struggles. Of course, cam work is terrible, but it's very direct. Like listening to your favorite music "unplugged" (well, this girl gets a lot of plugs and unplugs).
Ofc none of these vids are worth a thousand bucks, #2 around 60-80 for the pens and the rawness of the material, which packs an extra atmosphere to it. As long as there is pure penetration and no dildogging (dil-horsing?), it's good.
Jackie123 09/12/2020 14.23.08
This is old...bring some new if ya have any
pepemachete 09/12/2020 11.44.47
THNKS SO MUCH SIR!! BIG THANKS TO Pauladams!!!!smile1.gifwink.gifcool1.gif
44sclub 09/12/2020 10.49.13
Thank you so much!
Agricola 09/12/2020 07.54.35
Merci beaucoup. grin.gif
ivanguseff13 09/12/2020 05.48.35
Hey, guys. Does anybody have full versions of older Team Russia videos? Those hot older ladies...
onizius 09/12/2020 05.48.24
Big thanks to paulaadams of course but crap films really.

The Nadia horse films are the only ones that seem interesting to me. I really hope they will be released someday.
max58 09/12/2020 03.38.01
grabber28, откуда информация. что его закрыли? У нас в СМИ проходило. что девочка студентка получила срок. Причем не за то. что снималась, а по причине поиска актрис. Вроде 4 года спаяли, но это не точно.
MrKnotts 09/12/2020 03.36.59
Big thanks again to the uploaders for sharing! Unfortunately, always a massive disappointment with TR. Maybe they're trying their best? I don't know... but the end product is always lackluster. You have these wonderfully thick besti girls willing to do the nasty nasty on camera and you fail time and time again to get any good action going. Who would pay for this?
mixscopia 09/12/2020 01.08.34
I don't know. I've never seen the full video of this one but it looks like he managed to get quality penetration action.

Anyone ever see the full video?
zooalfa 08/12/2020 23.25.49
в том то и угар, что не псевдонимы laugh.gif
тут же даже не порезанное по сути видео, не монтированное,
девченки откровенничают, думая, что потом смонтируют, а некоторым даже было обещано, что замажут лица laugh.gif
к сожалению слишком быстро деанонят девок и они выпиливают соц сети и соответственно больше не снимаются.
Mortalz666 08/12/2020 20.37.02
grabber28 Маша Катиева или Ефремова
grabber28 08/12/2020 20.12.54
Mortalz666, инфу где угодно можно найти, потому что это было ещё где-то пол года назад, если не больше. Он присел на бутылку из-за того, что снимал 16-летнюю девушку.
А эти "Маши", как я понял, просто псевдонимы, у него почти в каждом фильме очередная какая-то Маша.

And of course, I forgot to thank Poladams for the videos ... I think it's honest, because it's a pity to buy such shit and a person would have this awareness after he bought it, so it's good that now no one will spend money on this nonsense
Mortalz666 08/12/2020 19.59.22
я подумал про другую Машу)
I thought about another Masha)
Mortalz666 08/12/2020 19.58.51
where is the information about the prison ?
grabber28 08/12/2020 19.54.51
it's just fucking shit ... This man, who called himself a Team Russia, boasted many times that he made cool films with a horse. This man named exorbitant prices for his films. And what do we see in the end? He shot the utter crap where nothing happens. "Masha and 2 Horses" is the only movie where anything happens ... and now I understand why he advertised this movie the most. The rest is shit. I really hoped that I would see some action with a pretty girl in the films Masha 3 and Masha 4, but in the end there was some kind of shit for an hour. These films don't cost thousands of dollars and those who bought this shit, he just fooled everyone. He boasted most of all, but it turned out that he just talks a lot, he doesn't even know how to shoot normally, doesn't know how to choose angles, constantly walks and can't fix the camera at the right hot moment ... a complete noob. He fucked everyone for money ... and managed to go to jail now ... what a stupid noob he is, I'm disappointed.

There were too many advertisements around his movies with horses, and in the end almost everything turned out to be shit. I understand, maybe someone will disagree with me, because for you the Russians somehow cause more interest, but I, as a Russian, will tell you that there is nothing special here: neither beauty, nor sexuality, nor adequate actions. and normal shooting angles.
zooalfa 08/12/2020 19.29.15
Thank you for torrent!
where can i see Masha1 (blonde mature) with dog?
on 01:44 minute she say she was fuck with the dog. And after that she got her own dog smile1.gif
I wanna see her video with dog.
theotherguy 08/12/2020 18.27.53
ugh... so much potential, so little delivery.

Small bits of Masha with 2 horses is actual woman getting fucking by horse the rest is 96% watching a horse walking around and/or dude with glasses jerking on its cock for a bit.

TeamRussia needs to realize that the large paddock isn't working - it lets the horse move around waaaay too much. Narrow stall so the horse can't move or hobble it, get the cock in the woman and let the horse fuck!

Thanks for the torrent. Just wish the video was worthwhile.
RayvonDZ 08/12/2020 16.09.47
Thanks Paul for sharing and you for uploadingsmile1.gifsmile1.gif
CYNIC 08/12/2020 14.18.33
Thank you for torrent. And of course big thanks to paul for sharing!