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Name Asian Girls enjoying man's best friend MISC
Torrent Asian Girls enjoying man's best friend MISC
Info Hash fe9d865c51e21ba1f429d525b27c13b92eb2ff12
Description Asians, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and maybe something else..  All enjoying some naughty play with their dogs!  Some short, some long, some knots some nots.  a few of them are a couple trying to satisfy the woman... Maybe somethings wrong with her man's chop stick... who knows...

Total of 11 home made/self shot videos of MISC Asians with dogs.  Enjoyangel.gif
Category Woman and Dog
Size 1.31 GB
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11 files
AddDate 09/05/2020
Uploader saber123
Speed 192.5 KB/sec
Down 3075 times
peers seeds: 81, leechers: 5 = 86 peers

ibtb123 26/05/2020 18.21.46
Some good bits
ovid68 12/05/2020 13.28.40
how ungrateful you are! This guy shares his collection and all you can say is "screenshots". Not everybody can share new content, me included. But you can at least give something back by helping those who post new content. I would blacklist / kick all these complainers...
Here are the shots

rusty_shaggleford 11/05/2020 01.51.45
are you saying you don't know how to host an image on the internet and post a link to it?
saber123 10/05/2020 18.02.57
I've blasted messages, posts, and comments out at the community plenty of times asking for help on how to do that but have gotten shit in return.  I don't know how, or i would.
joefuck666 10/05/2020 07.12.34
Please add some screenshots!
sn69py 09/05/2020 11.36.38
@@Widey:  Go and visit the Beast tracker forum and there the thread " Did you say Asian!?! "  !  There the Uploader @saber123 have made a description about hes torrents and the content of it. Its the worth to take the time to read! wink.gif
saber123 09/05/2020 11.05.08
Yeah unfortunately the Asian niche doesn’t have a lot of plops, good angles and knots.  I’ve kinda grown to like the strangeness of the amateur stuff though, it’s like they are experimenting with them.. I really want the new wan wan video from art of zoo....
sn69py 09/05/2020 10.53.30
@saber123: Thanks for uploading! Of course nice to see more of your collection!  wink.gifgrin.gif
sn69py 09/05/2020 10.49.41
@Widey: The vids arent censored but cant see a lot of zooms and sexuality action. Its your decision  about like or doesnt like download!wink.gif
saber123 09/05/2020 10.39.37
sn69py, thanks for all the comments!  Appreciate the positive feedback and glad to share my collection.  Leave some rates on the files so people know they are worth downloading plztongue.gif angel.gif  I’m thriving on everyone Enjoying the new content right now.  I joined the tracker like 6 hours ago.
saber123 09/05/2020 10.17.21
@Widey I don’t mess with pixelated shit brah
Widey 09/05/2020 09.44.03
Screenshots please anyone? Is this worth downloading at all or is it censored like the usual Asian stuff?