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Torrent AOZ Try Mine by Zumi
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Beskrivelse “Dog porn is the new black, for adventurous Ladies everywhere…”
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AddDato 22/07/2020
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midhuj31 26/07/2020 17.36.07
Sizzle75, yes agree, but you can choose different breed or different dog. Dane is a good choice, Dane has more stamina...wink.gif
sizzle75 26/07/2020 13.57.44
ovid68. Yes, you can train a dog to fuck women, but you cannot direct it in ways such as "delay your orgasm so we get plenty of humping footage", "don't knock the camera over", "don't try and yank your knot out of the girl before it's subsided"
gridman 25/07/2020 04.51.09
ITT. People downloading paid content for free bitch about said content.
ovid68 24/07/2020 16.25.47
Sure you can train a dog.... shephards guarding sheep, drug dogs, rescue dogs, cancer sniffers, dogs in a circus show and dogs with a hollow charge on their backs to pop enemy tanks (well, it did not go so well for the soviets)... so for sure you can train a horny unneutered dog in his potent years to fuck virtually everything. They even hump a leg. And once he is on the girl.. just grab two or three cams for 200€ each and shoot the damn video. Ahh, and please some lighting...
bestman 24/07/2020 07.17.03
vic007 24/07/2020 05.30.13
cryptoftime 24/07/2020 05.16.51
Feels bad for the people who spend $100 for 15-20 minutes of no action laugh.gif
joyrogen 24/07/2020 02.23.51
the girl is hott but like i said all the recent aoz movies are sucks why the fff i need to see half of the movie just masturbation ??!!  and only 3 mints of action ? why it can be good like the old zooskool !! that everything there was great with elvis and the others great horny dogs !

masturbation scene need to be maybe 5 mints max !! and not 15-20 mints  confused.gif
ploxyfak 23/07/2020 23.49.39
thank you !!! omg angel.gif smile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gif
beastani 23/07/2020 23.40.41
nice thank you
dreamspawn 23/07/2020 23.21.43
These people... "have the girl do this and that to the dog"... Do you guys think that an animal is an actor that you can actually control? Ahhhh... not really... A perfect shot requires time and a lot of days of trial. Simply not possible.

Unless the girls film themselves with their own dogs that they already know, control and have more availability over. But those girls left AoZ long ago so no need to cry over something that happened 4 years or so ago, right?

Take what you can get. It's free, it's 1080p.
djoe069 23/07/2020 21.45.07
Thx for sharing BEST CONTENT
beasto66 23/07/2020 17.29.07
Wow very good
Oyhtafr 23/07/2020 15.19.42
Look at his hair uround nipples... disgusting.
rabbit907 23/07/2020 15.16.07
Thanks a lot!...great movie thumbsup.gif
MISTERMISTERIOUS 23/07/2020 14.20.40
serikon78 23/07/2020 13.38.45
Very very nice video!! Good girl!!!
pepemachete 23/07/2020 12.33.35
AMAZIN SIR THANKS SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!cool1.gifcool2.gif
madmaxorkut 23/07/2020 11.53.14
Thank you.
Alexanderson 23/07/2020 08.47.08
Thanks a lot!!!grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif
heroegypt47 23/07/2020 07.59.47
luckyboy64 23/07/2020 07.26.39
yes yes yes thank yousmile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gif
pipposalice 23/07/2020 06.46.25
thank you very much
zgcarrier 23/07/2020 06.09.57
it's 1080p, you're not paying it's free, and you're still complaining? seriously, what's wrong with these people?
johncholms 23/07/2020 03.32.33
Katty West grin.gifgrin.gif
johncholms 23/07/2020 03.07.36
Thank you
k9dick 23/07/2020 01.51.11
maybe someone needs to have a little conversation with this producer and tell him to start making these girls do some porn instead of walking around and doing G rated action for 15 minutes... WTF!   Make the dog squirt is fuking load in her mouth. Let us see it squirt in her mouth like every other porn movie, make the dog knot her and let us see teh knot get stuck liek we see mens dicks get in a womasn pussy. Is this so fuking difficult?
Exactly why the fuk would any one pay for this?
Whatever.. At least its free here.. so I cant complain too much but dam...  Lets start seeing better videos... The world is going to shit, people dont have money to spend now. Why woudl you spend the change you have on this?  Yea shes hot.. but.. FFS... :'(
sague1990 23/07/2020 01.23.37
thank youwink.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gif
branbran 23/07/2020 00.38.36
Thank you! Any new AoZ content is very appreciated, as is anything we get for free.
BW31 23/07/2020 00.34.06

Thank you so much. You've exactly hit my point.
redpanda11 23/07/2020 00.31.30
BW31 makes a valid point. Most of the current productions are boring af.
Constant knot-resting shots with more than 1/3 of the time or video length, or not fucking at all, literally "plug in and rest immediately" shots, horrific zoom and camera placement (not only with this guy's "skill"wink.gif, no one wants to see a body half cut from the side without even seeing the facial expressions and overly bad decisions on which K9 should actually approach the girls.

Videos like Meet Gemini, Vixen Trip to Tie / In the Groove, Moneypenny stuff, Sensational Sam, and all like that are more authentical and more enjoyable to watch. The new shit nowadays isn't even worth getting their save space on the drive, and in this case, not even worth stroking to it.
r_zoo 22/07/2020 23.21.20
Grande vídeo. Obrigado.
BW31 22/07/2020 22.14.53

Yes we did wink.gif

I think I've clearly explained what's wrong with this movie.
krazykoko 22/07/2020 21.35.54

What on earth are you talking about? Did we even watch the same video? Sure this wasn't the best k9 video out there but its far from the crap Team Russia has been shitting out lately.

This is fantastic, thank you uploader!
BW31 22/07/2020 20.24.20
Again, this movie is a confirmation on my point of view regarding Dachats work. sad.gif

With no doubt he's dealing with the hottest girls at this time, but all in all his recent movies are not satisfying to me. I decided not to buy any more movies of him. Luckily olsl and seamless and k9lady are offering frequent alternatives.

First of all, this dog is performing poorly. Compare this to Elvis, to the DOg of Alexandra, or Alisons pets. He's to small to actually jump on the girls and maybe he's just too young.

And camera work .... this guy should watch some more Youtube tutorials.
Permanent lack of total views, endless knot closeups. You rarely see how the animal treats the girl well.
redtiger85 22/07/2020 20.11.45
Did you find the subtitles on the aoz website??
RASCAS 22/07/2020 19.24.30
BW31 22/07/2020 19.23.47
Niicee update!

Thank you very much.
Beastbg 22/07/2020 18.47.47
to the tracker administrator, please enable µTorrent
sergifont 22/07/2020 18.46.01