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Nazwa 2 lesbians and dog 288fps
Torrent 2 lesbians and dog 288fps
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Kategoria Woman and Dog
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Dodano 18/06/2020
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jdavis1493 30/06/2020 23.04.24
frashoutfielder -- I always noticed that too, but I figured it was either abuse, rough sex, or bruises from BDSM. My hunch is the latter, probably from recent breast binding or needle bruises.
iovsove 28/06/2020 14.42.17
The modified video is looking great, thanks!
Would like to know who is she and are there any other videos..
OnlyMe 21/06/2020 21.29.05
this is a classic video that we cold download from Limewire & frost wire back in the days, i remember it took several hours to download it at that time, and that was fast at that time. i was like: "wow, that was quick". LOL good ol' times
shell64 19/06/2020 02.44.44
Ah..brings back memories .. good video and the womans suunds make me horny. GOOD!
kinkpanther 19/06/2020 02.28.25
I agree this is one of the best videos i have seen.Purchased this on vhs around 1995 when i was at school so definitely filmed early 90's or late 80's i would guess.Still have the vhs somewhere.
Aresus2 18/06/2020 19.39.40
Hi, I am seeding now the full version. Enjoy.
CaCSoS 18/06/2020 18.28.10
do we have the full version on here ?
arnie18 18/06/2020 17.33.06

They speak czech language
frashoutfielder 18/06/2020 17.01.22
if you watch the one getting mounted, she has some discolouration on her left breast. breast cancer maybe?

this has bothered me for a while, maybe one of the reasons why she thought fuck it im gonna fuck a dog before i die or something
ovid68 18/06/2020 16.16.57
I hope you all know that the full version is about 56mins long. One of the best, if not the best, vintage beasty film. 5 mounts, 5 charges into the redhead, rough humping, lots of cries and moans. Good ligthing, good cameraman. Shot in the 80's if not earlier. Language seems south eastern europe. A masterpiece. Imagine that video in HD...
Viking639 18/06/2020 15.40.21
One of my all-time favourites!

Does anyone know more about this one? Shot in late 80s/early 90s possibly?

Any idea on the girl i.e what country etc.?