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Name K9Lady - Yasmin & Ariel - Evil Ladies
Torrent K9Lady - Yasmin & Ariel - Evil Ladies
Info Hash b9a01844e21c493ba185fadf4b18ab2df6fe4f15
Description K9Lady - Yasmin & Ariel - Evil Ladies

Category Woman and Dog
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AddDate 26/09/2019
Uploader torr
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CuriousG 29/09/2019 08.04.11
I am a leecher and provide little to no value in the pornography community as I do not share much online.  I have an appreciation for most uploads, including this one.  I'm not trying to criticize uploader.  Just making a statement about video quality because I would rather watch a good quality vid for the 100th time than a new video with trash quality.  I'm sorry if it came out the wrong way, I am grateful for the video because I can see how long each scene is and whether or not it's worth finding a higher quality.
Marcus 27/09/2019 12.05.44
It would be a great vid if the quality was better. Lets hope for it to show up smile1.gif

Thank you for the upload though
Agricola 27/09/2019 08.00.40
Obrigado grin.gif
Asdfgh 27/09/2019 04.01.34
Thanks Man
DOORMAN666 27/09/2019 03.20.41
Thank you
pero 27/09/2019 00.39.19
@torr That's what you get by feeding leechers.
torr 26/09/2019 20.50.03
CuriousG, if you have better quality, just upload it smile1.gif
CuriousG 26/09/2019 20.18.18
disclaimer... horrible video quality...  30 year old amateur videos have better quality.
BW31 26/09/2019 18.51.08
Thank you so much - Yasmin is a piece of gold!