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Beskrivelse Gatinha amadora mamando 03 caralhos caninos.
A qualidade de gravação não é das melhores, mas o vídeo é TOP!!!

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AddDato 23/01/2020
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Doggynizer 21/08/2020 15.05.44

Super, please more
sn69py 26/04/2020 12.06.42
Thanks for sharing!! A perfect hot and horny woman doit well to the dog!!  grin.gif
Hexagon 04/02/2020 08.06.40
Absolutely one of if not the best video iv seen. Thank you! Are there any more of her?
Horselover79 01/02/2020 02.41.19
Great vid man WOW lovely thank you for sharing
priest 28/01/2020 03.03.24
you can get it at zootube1 .. russian uploaded it..
apparentyly you people dont get around much on dog porn sites..
kyphotoguy 27/01/2020 17.37.35
Jesus that's the best video I've seen in a VERY long time and I have thousands of vids. Her eyes and her enthusiasm. Beautiful.
keesvlees 27/01/2020 09.20.17
daily stress relieve for her friends tongue.gif
SephKim 26/01/2020 13.13.49
That's nice, she got 3 males for her.
heim 24/01/2020 18.20.10
Great video!!!! Your effort is much appreciated smile1.gif
Liquidgold 24/01/2020 12.12.22
it seems that it's rather you who is the dummy. Since when is trading not commercial? Trading is the very essence of commerce. Just because it's not money you get for your "hardearned" (as if) videos, it's still commercial if you don't share them without expecting to get anything in return.
Liquidgold 24/01/2020 12.08.59
If you don't want to share your videos, go on and keep them for yourself. It's your decision. Share them or keep them to yourself, but if you keep them just shut the fuck up about them. Noone here wants to know that you have videos you don't want to share.
charlyy 24/01/2020 04.42.01
con que tooren puedo dedscargar el harchivo
SI 24/01/2020 03.35.07
Some people here are trying to make this place a commercial area. This is a torrent tracker, not a paid site.
k9kreeper 24/01/2020 01.50.05
its a webcam show sent to someone...
billx09 24/01/2020 00.24.54
It's a very good video..but I believe  that a french girl because if  you switch on  the sound in maximum...she speaks french language with her dogs.
k9kreeper 23/01/2020 23.21.57
do not expect quality vids to be givin out for free.. This video we see in this torrent was actually FROM TeamRussia on zootube1.. It was then reencoded and enhanced, both audio and video, by **** and then it was shared in private to only ONE person and that person then shared it and then it was rencoded to hide the origin and then ended up here.
to make it very simple.. if it wasnot for trading videos in secret and private.. NONE of the videos you see in these torrents would ever be seen.. ALL of the torrents were trades.. However the torrents are all OLD traded videos!  
You get the crumbs... I download th evideos from here for one thing only.. to keep a log on where videos are going and where they come from.. and yes i can do that because i see special marks in videos you dont... bye
ilikedogcum 23/01/2020 23.12.20
Just saying... many of you demand free videos but none of you want to hand out anything in return.. smh... so i speak fo reveryone on this... stfu and enjoy what you get..  because we all you you whiny biutches will never hand out your money so dont expect us to hand out our hard earned videos... cool1.gif
ilikedogcum 23/01/2020 23.10.26
How bout you send me 100 euros and a bag of coins... No?  Why not? You seem to be the kind of person that likes to give every one your money... I think you should send everyone here your money..
monkeym 23/01/2020 22.14.21
k9kreeper, how about you share them here in the torrent tracker.
you seem like the kind of person that doesn't mind downloading what others share...sleep.gif
k9kreeper 23/01/2020 19.00.10
very good video.. russia does teh best videos..  i hope to see more of this one.. also if any one would liek to trade good quality videos please send me PM.. I have several new videos.. Im sure we can trade something.
ArdiPINK 23/01/2020 18.30.41
Yes very good video tongue.gif