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Имя Subtitled videos
Торрент Subtitled videos
Info Hash 6531bb289ca7da00d39086cb4a00e317b874a570
Описание I was bored so I took some time to subtitle some videos that I like.

There are some images in the torrent.

The subtitles are not perfect but hey, it's free real state or something.
Категория Woman and Dog
Размер 134.13 MB
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Добавлен 04/12/2020
Аплоадер al-Khwarizmi
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Скач. 3546 раз
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zbow1974 06/12/2020 03.24.55
utorrent does in fact work here its the only thing i use, use version 2.2.1 and you are good to go.
Geminiart 06/12/2020 00.28.00
Thanks. Indeed the utorrent did not work. Now it worked. cool2.gif
ioxen 05/12/2020 23.07.40
From the BEASTTRACKER main page, and I quote:
"BeastTracker exists for users to share content with each other freely, not as a trading platform. Any further requests for trades in the comments or forum area will result in a ban."
Vllvh 05/12/2020 22.24.56
Either Taxiti or qBittorrent, for those who use uTorrent, you might want to look qBittorrent is libre (free and open source) and works exactly like uTorrent.

For the guy asking if someone wants to trade, dude, just upload if you have something interesting.
ChristopherR 05/12/2020 22.11.33
Anyone want to trade?
ments2 05/12/2020 21.51.50
those who has problems downloading -u-torrent don't work here, use Tixati
Geminiart 05/12/2020 18.34.56
Can you download it? I am not able to. Could not find peers. Weird.
Could someone upload on Mega?
sn69py 05/12/2020 12.57.14
Thanks to the Uploader!  grin.gif  Good job! wink.gif
Geminiart 05/12/2020 00.10.52
Unable to download now. Please seed.
babbss2248 04/12/2020 22.22.19
This is great stuff.  For some reason, I always enjoy the dialogue on these movies, but so many of them are being made by non-English speakers these days.  They have subtitle files on AoZ's site for some videos now, but any other of these you have or make in the future would be greatly appreciated.
zgcarrier 04/12/2020 20.55.18
very good job man, I think you captured the essence of the dialogue (not that there is much to understand), I also emphasize that it is material that I had not seen before, very homemade (amateur?) and the girl seems to do it to please her man who for money (AOZ) and that is always appreciated in a video, she even asks for a second dog, it's a shame that the video is cut