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Name Chinese girl plays with dog outside 23YO
Torrent Chinese girl plays with dog outside 23YO
Info Hash 1b07e517783541dca22a49f06a4e159eee01089b
Description This is a test mostly.  I'm new to the community and am not sure how this works..  I have combed the inter-webs for a while now in search of any and all Asian beast videos that are amateur, experimental, self-shot, etc. and not some crappy pixelated JAV with no penetration or obvious lusty desire.  I have a lot to share, but Iv'e found that i can't get any of the files from other users to download...  guidance and help would be appreciated.  Here is a rare-ish video of a crazy overly promiscuous chinese girl trying to get off with her dog.  
Category Woman and Dog
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AddDate 09/05/2020
Uploader saber123
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ibtb123 26/05/2020 18.21.15
joyrogen 22/05/2020 08.56.56
why i get html 5 wtf is this and how can i fix it ?
saber123 09/05/2020 10.56.39
That makes sense, I didn’t understand why they were posting it.  angel.gif  unfortunately, I don’t know how to make those photo boards.  This one isn’t one of my favorites either wink.gif it was just my first test upload.  Thanks for adding context.  I’m new to the community and torrenting.angel.gif
redpanda11 09/05/2020 10.29.47
why shouldn't he/she? safes people time downloading stuff which ain't their taste after all maybe?
some of us do rather watch them getting naturally fucked instead of riding a dog's dick like that.
saber123 09/05/2020 10.09.07
You gonna drop a link for all the files I just dropped or what?
Gableepo 09/05/2020 08.22.56
Here is the original video

h xx s://
nonplussed2 09/05/2020 08.11.11
well done mate!
saber123 09/05/2020 06.38.50
Should be good now, sorry for the delaytongue.gif  hope you all enjoy my library
wwechiton 09/05/2020 05.50.00
That message was for saber123 wink.gif
wwechiton 09/05/2020 05.49.13
Thanks for the info bro, pm me  when you get a chance pimp.gif
saber123 09/05/2020 05.36.59
Thanks, i'll give that a try.  did the video download for you?  if i switch to that platform, will it mess up my current seeds?
Jungmeister 09/05/2020 05.07.51
Thank you. Try with Tixati torrent downloader.