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Имя Karma_-_KRFV-003 - Hirasawa Rinako(Paipan Juukan) - Decensored
Торрент Karma_-_KRFV-003 - Hirasawa Rinako(Paipan Juukan) - Decensored
Info Hash 15c3dec641018c25a4c2f5625fdbd30141460447
Описание Karma_-_KRFV-003 - Hirasawa Rinako(Paipan Juukan) - Decensored
Original file 640x4804
Upscaled Decensored file 1280x960
Decensored usiing JavPlayer- Upscaled and then decensored using AF1+W settings.

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Small sample mp4  included so you do not need to download large file to see results
Категория Woman and Dog
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Добавлен 03/01/2021
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lecorsica 05/01/2021 17.35.51
The best of Mad is Mad83 , she is so cute !
truyencotich666 05/01/2021 16.28.20
it realy really good onesmile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gif
dreha777 05/01/2021 10.08.48
GeraldoSuave 04/01/2021 22.18.50
Here is a link to a fairly good discussion on depixilization and how it does and does not work. At the end there are links to the paid version of JAVPlayer and some twitter support.

There are four tensorflow AI models with the JAVPlayer and you need to test each model with a small section of the video to see which model works the best. Since it takes about 24 hours to process a video it is best to be sure you select the best model.

The only copy of MAD-04 I have is crap and not worth the effort. If somebody has a quality version share it and I will test to see if the pixels can be reduced. The higher quality the video the better the results.

lepro 04/01/2021 10.14.31
What program are you using? who can give a link ?? help out)))
kqc666 04/01/2021 09.29.59
Please add mad 20 and mad 23angel.gif
dreha777 04/01/2021 08.02.48
GeraldoSuave, thank you for the information! Where can I find a complete guide to decensored video?
Booboo69 04/01/2021 06.57.33
You are a legend, thank you.
Duarsa 04/01/2021 01.43.44
MAD-04 too please.. i think its the same actress with this vid, also krfv-002

Btw thank you very much
Duarsa 04/01/2021 01.42.29
MAD-04 too please.. i think its the same actress with this vid, also krfv-002

Btw thank you very much
allamushies 04/01/2021 00.11.18
I'm so excited that you've been decensoring the MAD series! I've downloaded JAVPlayer and tried using the TecoGAN with AF2, but I don't think I did it right as the video didn't seem very decensored.

Is there any guide you could point me to?

Please do MAD 58 The Beast Fuck 33!!!grin.gif
cuckold747 03/01/2021 23.30.41
Are there any Japanese videos of real mounting and knotting? Or are they all like this?
GeraldoSuave 03/01/2021 23.19.57
You can use JAVPlayer to decensor the pixels although you are not removing the pixels. The program TecoGAN along with the Python app tensorflow uses AI to reconstruct what should be under the pixelated area. Some of the results are very good some not so good depending on the size of the pixels.

For some JAV it works very good like the AUKS, DIV videos turn out pretty good. Big pixels are the worse but really fine pixels are also not as good.
dreha777 03/01/2021 21.22.33
Thank you very match anon! How do you remove censorship from videos? Is it also possible to remove censorship from other JAV videos? sleep.gif
Beta5 03/01/2021 19.43.37
Actress Rinako Hirasawa was 22 years old during the filming of the film.

Sreens from the original video (censored):