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Имя Valya Ukraine - Team Russia production, dildogging
Торрент Valya Ukraine - Team Russia production, dildogging
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Описание Russia with Love love.giflove.giflove.gif

Категория Woman and Dog
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Добавлен 13/08/2020
Аплоадер biggaknottys
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heim 26/08/2020 21.44.03
Superb sharing cool2.gifcool2.gif

TR videos will ALWAYS be my favourite regardless of the shitty camera work! I almost wanna learn russian just so I could hear what all the blabbering is about lol smile1.gif
Jungle_boy 19/08/2020 10.17.26
human 15/08/2020 04.00.12

I think the main TR guy is actually dumb ...

As shown in many videos, his continous talking and blabbering, and even interference in horse videos - its completely distracting and ruining the video.

The TR dog videos are actually VERY good... especially if you observe it from standpoint of ladies that perform. Some are very experienced and eager. But the guy ruins it... he should plan all action before he even starts filming with the ladies, and make at least 2 if not 3 camera positions.

The TR horse videos are atrocious... especially in first horse videos, where horsecock is completely dirty and everything looks disgusting. And his intereference in scenes are even worse ... one should never ever do that.

Obviously, the guy is completely clueless what to do... otherwise, he could have one of the best dog and horse videos, maybe even better than Alison and AoZ videos.
MrKnotts 14/08/2020 17.19.26
I agree. Don't know what it is about TR that they can't get all their production process right, but they get all these lovely ladies to come have fun with dogs, but fail to film it correctly. They need to find someone who's an actual pro.
human 14/08/2020 08.30.10
Definitely one of the best TR videos , this time with mature lady with sucking skills unparalleled ... and its not wondering - she is a pro, and you can find more of her regular videos under "Caroline M Russian MILF".

A real gem - there are more TR videos with her, and all are great.